Bread & Wine: A Book Review

Hi friends! I'm bringing you something a little different today. I was asked by my great friend, Candice, to write a review on one of our favorite books, Bread & Wine. It's being featured on her blog,, which you should read and subscribe to for all things lovely in life! Read below for the review and for your chance to receive a free copy of this book for yourself. 

Hugs to you today! XO

Photo credit: Krissy Collins

Photo credit: Krissy Collins

She had me at Blueberry Crisp. I’m a sucker for that oven-warm, tart bubbly fruit, with its sweet, crunchy crust. Say no more. SOLD. I dig cookbooks and knew if it included the beautiful simplicity of a crisp in a book about food, that my mind could tolerate it after a long day, leaving my palate satisfied. The crisp was delicious, the recipe easy, convenient and frugal, but much to my surprise, this book was far more than a grocery list of ingredients and delicious food that lands on my book shelf but never on my table.

In her book, Bread & Wine, Shauna Niequist considers the gluten sensitive, the busy family in need of leftovers, the budgeters, the event-throwers and the kitchen inexperienced. A lovely variety for anyone and everyone, whatever, wherever your place. 

While I was initially drawn to these pages for their recipes, what left me impatient, burning for more, was the unexpected stories told with exceptional vulnerability. Her beautiful words poured out will shift your insides, awakening memories of the past and memories you long to create, incapsulating the importance of the table as sacred ground, where we pray and commune, rejoice and grieve. 

You’ll want to read this. You’ll want to join her cooking club, and when you bounce back into reality, you’ll realize you can’t. So you’ll start your own. You’ll mend broken relationships, forgive your less-than-perfect body, create space for moments of love, tender truth, and daring dreams. 

Bread & Wine: A Love Letter to Life Around the Table With Recipes is available in most bookstores. Purchase, devour, re-read, then give it away...or just buy multiple copies for everyone you know. Regardless, you won’t be able to keep it to yourself.

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