A Giveaway (CLOSED)

Friends, it's Christmas, and I want to say thank you. Thank you for your love, your support, your enthusiasm for this space. Thank you being a believer in these stories and an advocate for these matters. Thank you for your heart bent low in acceptance of the art of storytelling, the messiness of journeys walked and the vulnerability in which they are expressed. Giving a voice, a platform, a proclamation to the beauty of a life is no small thing. You have done that here. Together we have linked arms in releasing and unraveling the undeniable reality that people matter, that story matters, and that they deserve to be told.

Photo Credit: Photographer, Joanna Horner; Edited by, Krissy Collins

Photo Credit: Photographer, Joanna Horner; Edited by, Krissy Collins

So I give back to you in gratitude by giving away a one year subscription to Darling Magazine (an $80 value). I came across Darling several months ago and fell in love with its purpose, its quality and its representation.

This is no ordinary magazine. It encapsulates the very essence of a woman. Committed to sparking a positive feminine revolution - believing that all women are not only interesting, but original; not only good enough, but exceptional; not just here, but here for a purpose.

Here is what makes Darling different: 

  • Challenges cultural “ideals” of beauty and questions its exaggerated importance. Sees          beauty in every type of woman.   
  • Believes in being “fit,” yet sees “thin” in context of the healthiest version of  you.
  • Promotes respect for women’s bodies in fashion and photography, seeing modesty plus excellent fashion sense as “sexy.”
  • Never uses Photoshop to alter women’s faces or bodies.
  • Features celebrities only in a positive light and never exploits their negative  behavior.
  • Features clothing and products within price range of the average income, not celebrity   income. Encourages saving and living within your budget.
  • Believes in bringing back etiquette, character and integrity, also focusing on increasing self-worth through living in more respect of your soul and body.
  • Offers tangible, deep advice on painful issues facing women, such as depression, anxiety, and eating disorders.
  • Believes in expanding knowledge of spirituality and living a life connected to God in order to live well and love others.

Here's the thing. If you're a woman, you need this. 

Rules for entering: Share this post on any media front of your choice (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and tag me in it so that I can jot your name down. All names will be chosen at random through a virtual hat system. That's it. ATTENTION MEN: Although this magazine is designed primarily for women, you should enter as well. Give it away as a gift for your spouse, your mom, your sister, whomever you feel could benefit. Trust me, you'll be glad you did...and so will she. Giveaway will be closed Monday, December 15 at 5PM EST.

Much love and good luck! XO.