From the time she was small, Krissy grew up with more questions than could be answered and a curiosity to uncover the deep treasures hidden in the people and situations around her.  She was overwhelmed with the desire to know WHY:  why things happen the way they do, why the world works the way it does, why people respond to things in different ways, and why any of it really matters.  As stories often have a way of unfolding, the WHY questions took on their greatest shape in the middle of her own story.  And after years of exploring the WHY of her own existence, filled with both devastating and beautiful moments, Krissy came to an appreciation of the power of stories.  Stories are deep magic into which God breathes his power for life-transformation.  Stories for her are a key that unlocks breakthrough for those telling them and possibilities for those hearing them.    

 Krissy resides in Columbus, GA, with her husband Grant and two daughters, Lily and Norah.  Together they pastor a missional community for young adults called theDoor.